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Simon Says

What a Great Summer!

I have to be the luckiest dog on the planet. My person and her friends took me and my gang so many places this summer.

Canon Beach, Oregon

Talk about a fun place to hang out. My BFF Angel and I had a blast romping in the surf and running on the beach.

For dog people Canon Beach has a whole lot of wonderful stuff. As long as I mind what my person saysand don't get grouchy with other dogs, I'm actually allowed to run free on the beach. There's lots of places to stay that allow dogs there, and they have great camping areas all around the area. And, get this, they have a store there that is just for us called "Puppy Love by the Sea."

Sammamish State Park Issaquah, Washington
Hiking through this amazing park you couldn't wipe the wag off of our tails. My Girlfriend Lexi and I swam in the lake -- I with my life jacket and her without, we slept in a tent, and I had my own chair next to the fire. We did have to behave though, the Ranger's give tickets to those persons who let their dog run wild.

The park is a great place for people who like a neat camping experience. Trails are paved, there are covered tables, grass, shady spots, electricity, and lots of parking spaces.

Cascadia State Park

Camping in the woods somewhere near Sweet Home, Oregon, Angel and I were free to play in the river, climb on rocks, cross logs, and the waterfalls... generally we had a blast.

For our people, the park had pretty much everything a camping place should have. Waterfalls, a bridge, camp sites, covered picnic areas, picnic tables, the river, lots of hiking trails and Soda Springs is in the park too.

I Enjoy Riding in Cars with Dogs and Walks in the Park..

One of the things I really enjoy during the summer is riding in cars with my friends. I have lots and lots of friends. Some of their people take me places, some come by so we can walk through Esther Short Park together, of course, now that I'm fit, I can walk a very long way before I get tired, it tends to wear my person out. Did I mention I have my very own bed in my person's truck?

Mieko's Mascots

Mieko's Marketplace Flowers

This is my place of employment. I am the official mascot at the flower shop. Just drive by and you'll see my smiling face on the banner above the door. My buddies visit me regularly and we chat while their person buys flowers or chats with my person. We both enjoy good conversation, my person and I.

Mieko's Marketplace Flowers

So, stop by the shop and say Hi! We'd love to see you.


Canon Beach
At Canon Beach
with BFF Angel and his Person

Mieko Sammamish
On the lake with my Person
Sammamish State Park

Embarrassed with my Girlfriend Lexi
Sammamish State Park

Simon Teddy Bear
I slept so, so good!

Breakfast Cascadia State Park
Had Breakfast with Angels Person
Cascadia State Park

Cascadia State Park
Happy on a Log..
Cascadia State Park
Washington State Park
Sammamish State Park
Issawush, Washington

Simon Fire
My own personal chair
Sammamish State Park

Happy And woke up so, so happy!

Cascadia State Park Happy Happy on the Rocks..
Cascadia State Park

Happy by a Waterfall..
Cascadia State Park

Great Summer
What a Great Summer, Ahhh...

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